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Wed 17
To celebrate the anniversary of the release of Being Jade, and my upcoming writers panels - F Word: Romance @ The Wheeler Centre and Risky Fictions @ Bendigo Writers Festival - I thought I'd republish a Q&A I did for The Hoopla. Some good meaty bits to chew on here - including all the big ticket items - love, truth, infidelity and intimacy. Oh, and art! ...more
Fri 17
My previous ranty post has generated some robust discussion on the issue of whether Melbourne International Comedy Festival can be held in any way accountable for including Jim Jefferies' misogynist show on their bill. I'm proud, but not so proud that I can't admit I am wrong or erred in my thinking. Now that the righteous rage has settled, I'll concede I made a couple of errors. Nonetheless, I stand by my point - no excuse for violence. ...more
Wed 15
Never let it be said I don’t know my place. By my sheer misfortune of being born with a vagina, I know I should just shut the hell up and not post this hysterical, bitchy rant about Jim Jefferies and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I should just take Jefferies misogynist jokes on the chin – like a nice submissive Eve. But fuck you, Jim Jefferies and MICF. I’m not Eve, and you just started a fight you won’t win. ...more
Tue 3
Welcome back to the boudoir. The sultry atmosphere is set for a cosy pillow chat with one of my favourite people and authors who has just released a new book and has a fab freebie on offer. Snuggle up because today we are in bed with Eden Summers, author of A Shot of Sin. ...more
Thu 19
In spite of my recent discovery that social media is fairly pointless, I joined Instagram this week. ...whyilovemelbourne...(in case you’d like to join me.) Am I wasting my time? Life is busy enough, without having to post about it all the time. How do you feel about social media? ...more
Mon 2
I had the very great privilege to attend the closing Chiron Centre Conference a couple of weekends ago. Chiron Centre? What the? Trust me. It’s special. This is why. ...more
Wed 24
If you're stressed and tired and too wound to sleep, count your blessings. You have many of them. ...more
Tue 25
You all know the drill by now. It's the boudoir - low lighting, plush furnishings, sexy sax and a great big bed to share with another author. Hop in and hear some secrets with the very lovely and talented Juanita Kees. ...more
Tue 25
Connectedness is the solution to all forms of cruelty. In the aftermath of recent news in Australia of the discovery of an abandoned baby and the subsequent crucifying of his mother for the cruelty of the act, I’ve been feeling heart heavy and reflective. ...more
Wed 12
Every now and then something or someone stumbles across our path that changes us. At the time it feels like an accident, a random act of the universe. Looking back on these moments with hindsight, however, they begin to look more like destiny. ...more
Tue 28
Torre DeRoche is one enviable success story. Her road to publishing, like her love story, is riddled with risk taking, which is saying something for someone who's a self confessed worry-monger. I adored this book because of Torre's light-hearted honesty and because she taught this embattled warrior of relationships a thing or two about love. ...more
Wed 22
What a treat! I'm getting the satin sheets all dusty this week with much loved rural romance author and general all round amazing lady, Racheal Johns. So plump up your pillow and snuggle up with us and let's get down and dirty... ...more
Wed 15
Does anyone else feel like the world is full of nasty joy sucking Dementors right now? Negativity and fear are contagious and in these days its at pandemic proportions. It would be nice to ignore, but we all know if you stick your head in the sand the end result is you’ll get your arse kicked. As an antidote, I'm following the advice of Professor Lupin and been eating a lot of chocolate. What do you do when faced with Dementors on every side? ...more
Wed 8
I’ve arrived late to this party - which isn’t uncommon for me, I feel like I’m always playing catch up on the books everybody else read ages ago – but now I’m here I have to declare, in spite of the ranty historical pedants, what a terrific book Untamed is. ...more
Tue 30
I adore stories of people following their passion around the globe and today's In Bed With guest has a ripper story. Plus a first kiss story with an older man I think we can all relate to. Glue your eyes on the screen and welcome Alli Sinclair... ...more
Wed 24
A few weeks ago I received a surprise invitation to an unusual event. Naked Girls Reading. Was it a strip show with books? Was it a clever literary irony for a book launch? Was it a tongue in cheek feminist attempt to bare all that is wrong with the male dominated meritocracy in Australian publishing? Kinda, yes, on all accounts. ...more
Tue 2
I received a letter the other day from an older woman expressing her disappointment at the ‘explicit descriptions of sensual activities’ in my book, The Yearning. It was the second time that week my writing had been labelled ‘porn’. It saddened me because people lump all sex writing in one shameful basket. All sex writing isn't the same and I wish people would stop trying to make it so. ...more
Wed 27
You're going to need a little bit of courage for today's In Bed With because we are snuggling up with a quirky author of spacey sci-fi and paranormal erotic romance. Welcome to Imogene Nix, author of Reunion – The Assassin, Reunion – Executing Justice and Sex, Love & Aliens (Lordy, what a combination!) due out in October. Make yourself comfortable, Imogene - ...more
Thu 14
Having returned on a high from the annual Australian Romance Writers Conference I wanted to write a post that captured the essence of the event. But how to give it the credit it's due? Most people think romance is all gushy and fluffy hearts and flowers. Yet this conference a huge and professional event. So I thought, go to the source - what better way to tell the story of a conference experience than through Tweets... ...more
Thu 31
Welcome the sixth erotic romance writer to join me in the boudoir for a little pillow talk. Jennifer Lynne talks about emotional connection in erotic writing and a first kiss that would be enough to put anyone off kissing for a very long time! ...more