Announcing: Pillow Talk with Kate Belle

I’ve always loved the cosiness of a post-coital chat. There’s something eternally satisfying about the relaxed intimacy of sharing a pillow and some sweet secrets with your beloved after you’ve given the bed a good shake and woken the neighbours.

So, what better way to celebrate the release of Breaking the Rules and Bloom than ‘sleeping around’ on a few blogs and having a metaphorical pillow chat with a few fellow authors, readers and readers-to-be?

My new ‘Pillow Talk’ page will give you the low down on what’s coming up – a comprehensive list of blog posts, media articles, events and reviews.

The ‘Pillow Talk’ blog hop starts with the Down Under Diva's on 23 January and travels through to the middle of March. Each unique post will give an insight into my background, my writing, the development of my gorgeous character Ramon, and, if you keep your eyes open, I might drop in a couple of small confidences and sexy recipes along the way. Please click by for a visit, laugh, leave a comment and, naturally, SHARE THE LOVE.



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