In Bed With...Rachael Johns

What a treat! I'm getting the satin sheets all dusty this week with much loved rural romance author and general all round amazing lady, Racheal Johns. So plump up your pillow, snuggle up with us as we get down and dirty in bed with Rachael Johns, author of OUTBACK GHOST.

Welcome to the boudoir Rachael.

What’s the hardest thing about writing a romantic sexual relationship into a story?

Making sure the conflict between the main characters is believable enough to keep them apart for most of the course of the book, yet something that can be resolved so they can have their happy ever after. Also showing the chemistry and connection between the two characters initially, before they have gotten to know each other. I’m not a fan of insta-love so I like to make sure this attraction is subtle and believable from the get go and slowly build it up to a crazy burn.

(K: The slow build works for me. Insta-love is like instant coffee, you get the flavour but there’s no depth.)

When it comes to sex scenes in your work, how far are you willing to take your readers into the bedroom (or boardroom, or elevator...) and why?

I’m willing to go ALL the way. I rarely close the bedroom door but saying that my sex scenes are not usually too out-there because of the type of characters I write. I also take the characters lead on sex scenes – how far they want to let the reader in, what type of sex it will be etc. My most out there sex scene is probably in MAN DROUGHT, where they pull over and have sex on the side of the road. Although there was an under the table scene during a family dinner party in my first book ONE PERFECT NIGHT.

(K: UNDER THE FAMILY DINNER TABLE? Man, that’s edgy. I couldn’t get randy at the family dinner table if a half naked hot guy danced on my lap in a g-string. Sex and family – can’t go there! Blame it on my Catholic upbringing.)

Tell us about your first kiss – where did it happen and what was it like?

Well, I’m not sure whether I should count my childhood sweetheart – we were quite the item in kindergarten and he was very possessive – or my high school boyfriend who stole my heart big time. I can’t actually remember the kindergarten kisses, although I know he did often plant one on me in the playground. I think my first real kiss was with the high school boyfriends, in my car (yes, I got my licence before him) after we’d been to see a movie. I think both of us were hoping it would happen AT the movies, but we were both nervous as all get out. It was very sweet, first kiss for both of us, and probably (in hindsight) not the best in terms of technique but that guy only had to look at me for me to go week at the knees, so I remember it very fondly.

(K: Nawww – cute. That’s what I like about sweet first kiss experiences – they’re like no other.)

Have you ever had a lover who changed you or taught you something new about yourself, a lover who made a difference in your life?

I think all my boyfriends right up to my husband have meant something and taught me things about life. Probably my high school boyfriend and my husband the most. That first boyfriend taught me about how it feels to have a broken heart and that you eventually have to pick yourself up and get back on with life. My husband teaches me something new every day – although we share a lot of values, we are also quite different and he has taught me the value of patience and compromise many times over the years J

(K: I think that’s what the first love is meant to teach us, how to open up and how to get hurt. It’s great your marriage has that dynamic edge to it, makes for a lasting relationship.)

In your latest book, Outback Ghost, you venture into paranormal territory with a ghostly mystery. Have you ever had an encounter with something strange from the other side?

Not personally, although I’ve always been fascinated by stories of encounters like this. My grandma always used to tell me that she occasionally saw her dead mother standing at the end of her bed in the middle of the night and that always intrigued me. Was the vision real or was it a figment of her imagination because she missed her mother and wanted to prolong that connection? Who knows, but I’ve also always loved Ghost stories. When I travel, if there’s a ghost tour on offer in the area, I’m there in a flash. I’ve done London tours, Edinburgh tours and recently enjoyed a fabulous ghost tour in New Orleans. Maybe I WANT to have an encounter with a ghost!

(K: I know what you mean, it’s fascinating. When you get a chance you should try Port Augusta ghost tour in Tasmania. Apparently they have a high rate of ghostly encounters. It scared the wits outta me! Can't wait to read Outback Ghost - I love a bit of spooooooky!!)

Who is Rachael Johns?

Rachael Johns is an English teacher by trade, a mum 24/7, a supermarket owner, a chronic arachnophobic, and a writer the rest of the time. She rarely sleeps and never irons. She writes contemporary romance for HQN and Harlequin Australia and lives in rural Western Australia with her hyperactive husband and three mostly-gorgeous heroes-in-training. Rachael loves to hear from readers and can be contacted through her website at

Want to know more? Rachael is very active on social media, so drop by and say ‘Hey!’

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Hey Kate - thanks so much for having me on your brilliant blog!! x Rach!

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It was a pleasure, Rach. Hope you find your ghostie sometime (when you least expect it - BOO!)

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