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One of the scariest things an author has to face (other than pitching to a publisher, submitting a final manuscript and living on the poverty line) are reviews.

As a book reviewer myself, reviewing is one of my favourite subjects. It never ceases to amaze me the diversity of how people respond to books and the sense of ownership many readers feel over the story and characters once they've finished reading.

I think the sign of a good book is a review full of passionate statements and unanswered questions. 

It doesn't really matter whether the views are intensely positive or negative -

in my eyes, if you've had a strong reaction to a book, then the book has struck a chord. My greatest fear as a writer is a 'Meh' review. So far these have been few - thankfully - otherwise I'd have to consider taking up Yarn-Bombing trees for a living.

Reading, Writing and Reisling blogIn celebration of the warm welcome Being Jade has received in the book world, I thought I'd share a few review quotes and links.

One of my personal favourites is from Melinda at Goodreads - "I hated this book. I'm not sure if it was the characters in it (I hate Jade) or all that it made me feel. So I'm giving it 4 stars because it made me feel too much."

Cheryl, Goodreads - "Interesting storyline that kept me page-turning until I finished the book. "

"Mesmerising." - Georgina, Goodreads

"Written with keen insight, Being Jade is a beautiful and complex novel that will challenge readers to examine their hearts and true self." - Write Note Reviews

Read the first chapter for free, or order your copy of Being Jade from Kate's Books page.


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