Being Jade launches

Readings Bookshop in Hawthorn is a lovely space and their book displays are impressive!Readings bookshop Hawthorn, Melbourne
Author Kath Ledson tells the crowd she was thinking that morning while doing the vacuuming while the boys watched TV that marriage sucked.Author Kathryn Ledson and myself

Launching a book is a bit like christening a baby. It’s a welcome to the world, a blessing, a celebration, an expression of gratitude from the author to the community of people who supported the birth of the book. I am told by my many author friends that a launch is as essential to the release of a new book as a family gathering is essential to the welcoming of a new family member.

So Being Jade was recently celebrated twice, first at Readings Hawthorn where the lovely Joel and other staff welcomed a gathering of about thirty people to listen cheeky Kathryn Ledson and I talk about the complex themes of the book. We drank wine, we ate sushi and listened to my partner ask me why I write such horrible books. (He was kidding – I hope!)

A smoochy loved up moment between Kath and ISmoochy, loved up moment at the launch
They look like they're entertained - I must have paid them well.

Deepest gratitude to my Little Lonsdale Group buddy, Troy Hunter, for the gorgeous photos.

The setting is very conducive for talking books
Me explaining how I showed up at Readings Hawthorn for Jennifer Scoullar's book launch and found Tara Moss instead.

At the Eltham Bookshop event Toni Jordan aptly claimed the title of ‘Midwife’ to Being Jade, and she was right. Being Jade had several ‘midwives’ who helped bring her into the world the most notable of whom were Roberta Ivers, who helped me rescue the first draft, and Sydney Wayland Smith and Toni Jordan who both thoroughly tested my commitment to Banjo being a dead man and brought the plot’s conveniences (that is, things that happened because it made it easier for me to write the story rather than making sense within the story) to my attention.

My friend Emma is one of my staunchest supporters, I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such good people.
Look over the top of the heads - I'm way up the front/back (depending on your point of view)

The weather that day in Melbourne had been terrible – shocking cold rain and violent wind that flung tree branches all over the roads and took out electricity and the trains out to Eltham. I am very grateful to the small but appreciative crowd that showed up, in some cases from a long way away, in spite of the many reasons not to.

  My university buddies made a big show of support - thanks gals! x
The best bit is talking to people after being in the spotlight part is over.

My thanks also to Meera Govil who is a staunch supporter of Australian writers and full of enthusiasm for the written word. Eltham Bookshop is everything a local bookshop should be – diverse, unique, cosy, intimate and chock full of interesting reads.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the most awesome, wonderful publisher in the world Simon & Shcuster Australia. I thank my lucky stars my books landed with them. xxxx 

Thanks to Simon & Schuster rep Nicki who took the Eltham launch photos
A moment of hilarity at Eltham Bookshop with Toni Jordan, myself and Meera Govil



Great Launch Kate, clearly you have a deep love for your character Bango, (he's just adorable), and loved what you had to say about how woman are portrayed in literature. You're a brilliant story teller, (both as a speaker and writer), well done!

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