A bookclub, Abbi and me

I was recently very fortunate to be invited by Simon & Schuster to travel to Sydney for a couple of awesome reasons. The first was to meet with a group of readers and do a live book club discussion of The Yearning, which was just wonderful. As a writer there is nothing more exciting than to share your passion for your story with readers who enjoyed the journey and want to crawl between the covers with you to get a better understanding of the how's and why's of your book. And The Yearning sure give people plenty to talk about!

The second, and just as exciting, reason was they'd teed up for me to do an interview with The Reading Room alongside Abbi Glines, US author of the Vincent Boys series and Sea Breeze series and so many more New Adult books. Abbi was delightful and I was completely enamoured by her kick-ass Alabama accent.

But rather than rave on about it here, why don't you take a look yourself. The Reading Room has put the full interview up on their website. (You'll have to excuse my wardrobe choice - I should have worn something in a single colour. Believe me, it's a lovely dress when I stand up!)

Oh, and before you click, remember to check in on my Pillow Talk events page. There are three new events up today, with more to come, plus links to blog tour posts and interviews.

You Tube: The Reading Room interviews Abbi Glines and Kate Belle on erotic fiction.

It's also loaded to The Reading Room: Kate Belle profile



Fab interview, Kate. And what a wonderful Peter Pan you would make!

KateBellex's picture

Thanks JB. I was so nervous, but it didn’t come across in the final cut I don’t think. I have loved Peter Pan since I was a kid. X

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