Breast orgasm: a new way to the BIG O

Thanks to Twitter I learned something pretty interesting about the pleasure potential in my body the other day. Now don’t get any ideas, this doesn’t involve dirty pictures and loose-topped pants!

When it comes to the orgasm train, I thought I had a handle on all the carriages, but apparently not. There’s one little caboose at the back I had no idea was there. The breast orgasm.

Wait, wait - before you all go off smirking, hear me out. This isn’t just another urban myth set up by some cynic out to make us girls feel inadequate, it’s a scientifically proven phenomena. Research has shown that the female brain reacts to nipple stimulation in the same way as it does to clitoral, vaginal and cervical stimulation. If breasts, and in particular the sensitive area around the nipples, are touched in the right way over a period of time, women can experience a BREAST ORGASM.

The secret to it is, as usual, in how it’s done. Generally it’s recommended you start gradually, with tender touching or licking of the nipple, moving on to sensual massage of the whole breast. As a woman becomes more aroused her breasts enlarge (up to 25%) and become much more sensitive. As orgasm approaches the areola and nipple can darken in colour. When orgasm arrives, it can be felt in both the breasts - as tension throughout the entire breast, but more intensely around the areola – AND (if you’re lucky) in the pelvic floor – as in the more familiar clitoral/vaginal orgasm. For some women this equates to a double orgasm if you like. For others, the sensation is concentrated in the breasts only.

Given orgasm resulting from sexual intercourse is the exception rather than the rule (standard stat’s say 50 – 75% of women don’t hit the big one during intercourse alone), this is good news. It gives us girls another avenue of potential pleasure worthy of exploration.

So what’s the catch? Well, women and their breasts vary enormously. The ability to have a breast orgasm will depend on the individual, their age, the time of the month, as well as all the other millions of things that affect our sexual functioning. So if you try this and it doesn’t work first time, don’t be disappointed. I’d suggest you vary the times in your menstrual cycle you try it, and get your partner to learn a something about sensual breast massage before giving it a go. Use sexy scented oils or moisturiser. Most importantly, TAKE TIME (not something a lot of men are good at, I’ll grant you!) Like all adventures of a sexual nature, sometimes practice makes perfect.

Had you heard of breast orgasms? Have you ever had one?

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