FIRST KISS: the truth

This one has been doing the social media rounds. I loved it so much I HAD to include it on The Ecstasy Files. To me it captures everything that's special about a first kiss. The giggling awkwardness, the anticipation, the step into the unknown, the shy delight of the after-glow.

My very first kiss was nothing like these - however I've had many first kisses that were like them. The tentative, smiling approach to a lover's lips. The enthusiastic embrace once lips meet. The rush of pleasure that surges through us once we step back from our lover. It's delicious. And delightful. And I promise it will leave you smiling.


I found out after I watched it that it is supposed to be advertising campaign for a clothing company. If I hadn't been told, I wouldn't have known. And now that I know, I really don't care. This movie isn't about clothes, or cynical advertising. It's about common human experience, the thing that binds us together.

Enjoy and bless! x


Just beautiful! Have seen it around, didn't bother to watch till now… great post!

KateBelle.X's picture

It's delightful isn't it? An antidote for a bad day.

My 'first' first kiss was nothing like these either but, like you, I've had some that resemble them. I love the way the different couples respond to one another in this film. No matter how many times I watch it, it makes me smile. The music by SoKo, who is incidentally one of the kissers, is lovely, too. Jane xxx PS - thank you for the link to my post!

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The music is great and I had no idea she was one of the kissers. It makes me smile every time I watch it too. Xx

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