Mixed Lollies #1

Remember strolling barefoot into the local milk bar as a kid with twenty cents in your hand, ready to make a selection of your favourite sweets. Remember how your mouth watered with anticipation that grew in the long minutes you gazed through the glass trying to make a decision – sherbet bombs, musk sticks, raspberries, licorice allsorts, milk bottles, love hearts, jubes, boiled lollies, barley sugar, chocolate drops.

Welcome to my milk bar. This week, instead of delivering you a pre-made dessert a la mode, I’m offering the blogging equivalent of a bag of mixed lollies.

For the next two months I’ll be out an about in the cybersphere. It’s a busy time, finishing my second novel, planning for the next 12 months, doing the financials and maintaining a blog worth reading. I don’t like to waste my words simply for the sake of a blog post. I get bored. You get bored. And I don’t want to fill your inbox with ‘meh’.

So here is a selection of the offerings I’ve made to the Blog Gods during the month of October. The choice is eclectic. There’s a little something for everyone here. So click, explore, discover. You never know, you might unearth another fab blog or author you might like to follow.

With blessings


Write Bytes with author Keziah Hill. Q&A where I reveal the revolting state of my writing space. No wonder I’m so confused!

I knocked one off my to be read pile and reviewed a book for Lauren at The Australian Bookshelf: The Engagement by Chloe Hooper

I got sweet with author Cathryn Hein on her Friday Feast and shared an heirloom Christmas Pudding recipe guaranteed to win even the most cantankerous family over (mostly due to its alcohol content).

...and sexy with author Georgina Penney at Steamy Puddings when I discovered having a dick must be a terrifying experience (this one will make you laugh!)

What’s the secret to writing authentic love? It’s in the lap of the Gods – I talk about Eros and the Erotes with author Jennifer Lynn.

And in an interview with Little Raven Publishing we caught up on the future of erotic fiction, maintaining erotic tension in a narrative and other probing questions.


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