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 Edible Delights - Volume 1Did you know that Australia is home to some very fabulous and talented erotic romance writers? These women are punching well above their weight in the international e-book market and have pooled their substantial talents to produce a delicious anthology on food and sex. Aside from the fact it’s a great theme for an anthology, knowing you are feasting on all Australian fare makes it all the more satisfying.

And the best news it this is only Volume 1! Volume 2 (which includes a story by yours truly and four other authors) is due for release in July. So to whet your appetite I’ve got the girls to answer a few saucy questions about this smorgasbord of desire called Edible Delights Volume 1.

And if you want to score a pre-release copy visit Jan Graham by clicking here and enter her competition.

Title: All You Can Eat

Synopsis: Combine one sexy chef, a dominant food critic, and a generous splash of mistaken identity. Apply heat to create a deliciously erotic banquet for two.

Author: Jan Graham

Jan is an author of erotic romance with six titles to her credit, and more to come once she overcomes her current bout of procrastination. For those who enjoy labels, Jan is a blogger, a submissive, an aunt, dyslexic, a lover of the erotic, naughty, a widow, an orphan, and a member of The Australian Sex Party. In short, she is generally a bit of an eccentric who lives her life slightly left of centre.

Describe the sexiest meal you’ve ever eaten and who with.

I have fond memories of one particular lover who used to enjoy snacking in bed after sex. It wasn’t exactly a meal though. We’d eat cheese, crackers, dip, fruits dipped in chocolate, all sorts of things. I don’t think the food was necessarily sexy but being fed and feeding a lover while naked in bed definitely was.

What food do you think is the sexiest?

I find ice-cream a really sexy food. I love the texture, the softness, the cold as it hits your mouth (or wherever you want to put it) and the way it warms and melts as you eat it.

What’s your favourite food scene in your story?

Where Jai is eating a warm Thai Beef Salad. He’s using Katrina as a table, the salad is resting in the small of her back, and she can’t stop giggling because the chilli in the dressing makes her skin tingle and the fork he’s using to eat with keeps tickling her back.

Title: Sealed with a Honeyed Kiss: Book 1 of Dragons of Feury

Synopsis: Eilagh and her friends go camping and end up getting blown through a portal to The Land of Feury. A land filled with sexy male dragon shape shifters. All their females were killed by a virus several years ago. Two of the shifters, twins Dimitri and Max, claim Eilagh is their predestined mate; their Desired. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones. Eilagh gets kidnapped by rogue shifters and that’s where the fun really begins!

Author: Khloe Wren

Khloe started writing her first novel in high school, until it mysteriously disappeared from the family computer. Fifteen years later, she picked the keyboard back up and has been writing like a women possessed ever since.

Describe the sexiest meal you’ve ever eaten and who with.

There was this one time Vin came to pick me up in his sexy as sin GTO then we headed down the beach. It was already dark but he’d lit the fire earlier. He laid me down on the blanket spread over the sand and opened the bag he’d brought with him. Pulling chocolate sauce, honey and various berries from inside. He then proceeded to strip me off before he got naked…

Oh yeah, that’s right … I dreamt that one …My real life is soo boring, my fictional existence is so much more fun-and I can date Vin Diesel in my dreams too.

What food do you think is the sexiest?

Can’t say I’ve ever really put much thought into food being sexy! I guess chocolate sauce. Anything you can lick off or dip things into has to be sexy! *wink*

What’s your favourite food scene in your story?

The kiss in the bonding ceremony is by far my favourite food scene.

She looked at Dimitri and he held her captive with his gaze, without breaking their left hands apart, he took his right and dipped one finger into the honey. He lifted the finger to her lips and coated them with the honey. He then leaned forward and kissed her mouth, devouring her as he spoke into her mind.

I claim you Eilagh, my Desired. You are mine, and I am yours. Forever.

Title: Hidden Talent

Synopsis: Amanda is a food critic who writes under a pen name for a huge Melbourne newspaper. When she meets the gorgeous chef Mark Dovell she thinks she can indulge in a rare one night stand and not let their professions interfere. Unfortunately Amanda’s boss decides that she needs to critique Mark’s restaurant at the same time that Mark wants to see Amanda again. If only the review dinner went just a little bit better…

Author: Tamsin Baker

Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who spent years reading sweet romance looking for the 'good bits.' When she found erotic romance it was like coming home and she hasn't stopped reading or writing since. Enjoy her fantasy world where nothing is off limit.

Describe the sexiest meal you’ve ever eaten and who with.

Hubby took me out for the most beautiful set menu meal on Valentine’s day, very early in our relationship. It was exquisite. Eight courses of rich, amazing food. Every course made me moan, it was not only a visual feast but something that made me want more and more and more.

What food do you think is the sexiest?

Anything that can be licked off the skin easily… chocolate mousse, condensed milk, whipped cream.

What’s your favourite food scene in your story?

The sex scene where Mark and Amanda take turns smearing each other with a dark chocolate mousse and sucking it off.

Title: A Fruitful Intimacy

Synopsis: Ben decides to remedy the lack of physical contact with his wife, Beth, by planning a sexy weekend away, hoping a sensual, relaxed environment might make it difficult for her to refuse his advances - again. But in making arrangements Ben realises his marriage, and the woman of his dreams, is in trouble. Can Beth and Ben overcome the walls they’ve built and rediscover their passion for each other?

Author: Donna Gallagher

Donna lives in Sydney, Australia and yes she loves vegemite! She’s happily married (but it took two goes to get it right) and a mother of three boys. Being a wife and mother has been a wonderful way to fill her life but she has also been a waitress, bartender, singer, office worker and chicken sales person - think chicken to fast food stores and restaurants. Now she can add author to the list, it all ways gives her a tingle to say that.

What food do you think is the sexiest?

I’m not really into food or cooking. One of my best friends is a talented chef with many cookbooks to her name. I spent too much time as her kitchen hand so I blame her. We shared a house for many years and entertained every weekend. There are only so many chick-peas you can shell before you go mad! As sad as it may sound I love nothing more than grabbing a hotdog at the footy! Take me to a sporting event and you’ve made me one happy woman.

What’s your favourite food scene in your story?

I love the scene where Beth is eating a slice of mango and driving Ben crazy with her intended innuendo.

Hungry? Buy Edible Delights Volume 1, published by Secret Cravings Publishing, by clicking here.


Ahh, Kate, I do agree. All good things should be enjoyed in tasty nibbles ;)
Can't wait to read this fabulous feast and congratulations to the ED's on the excellent team work in putting these anthologies together.

Hi Kate,
Thanks for showcasing our little smorgasbord of stories. I can't wait to read Jan, Khloe and Tamsin's erotic morsels, then enjoy a second course with the Volume 2 delights.

KateBellex's picture

Ordered my copy. I love story anthologies. I feel less guilty about reading them in small bites.

Thanks for having us all here Kate, and I loved the questions you came up with. I hope everyone enjoys the book and I look forward to reading you story from Vol 2 :)

KateBellex's picture

Can’t wait to read it. FOUR Aussie authors at once! Truly a FEAST!

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