Tasty Morsels (part 1): NEW RELEASE


Excited, excited, excited.


Because today I’m celebrating my fourth publication for 2013! Yep, FOUR in my first year!

On 15 May I featured Edible Delights Volume 1, the first in a series of sexy, food themed anthologies by Australian authors, and I’m damned excited (DAMNED EXCITED) to be part of Volume 2.

My slightly off-beat and deeply lusty story, The Banquet, was released last night in the good company of four very talented authors: Seanna SmytheAlysha EllisImogene Nix and Bianca Sarble.

Edible Delights Volume 2 is a veritable smorgasbord of writing styles and stories, including contemporary erotic romance, paranormal, historical and a food-sex orgy to end all orgies (compliments of moi).

To give you sneak peek into this delicious and delectable assortment, I’ve asked the authors to introduce themselves and answer some spicy questions – me first.

Story title: The Banquet

Author:  Kate Belle

Synopsis: James’ sex life has been rescued by the erotic creations of his idol, celebrity chef Sheba. As restaurateur and chef himself, he longs to win Sheba’s heart with his own, no-fail, aphrodisiac creation. When he receives an invitation to Sheba’s mysterious annual Banquet, he thinks it the perfect chance to seduce her. Nervous and out of his depth he attends and is introduced to a world where the boundaries between food and sex are entirely blurred.

Describe the sexiest meal you’ve ever eaten and who with.

One anniversary my beloved and I went out for the BIGGEST MOST EXTRAVAGENT SEAFOOD PLATTER ever invented. We had to order and pay for it the day before. It took 3 hours to eat. Oh, those oysters!!!

What food do you think is the sexiest?

Ripe, in season mango. All that soft flesh and sweet juice is just pure sensuality.

Who is your ideal picnic partner?

Don’t tell my hubby – Johnny Depp. I’d love to share brie and biscuits while chatting about life, the universe and books.

What’s your favourite food scene in your story?

The moment James first approaches Sheba and offers her his sweet aphrodisiac gift. The tension it creates between them, his nervous anxiety he’ll live up to her expectations, the culinary one-upmanship it sets off, all leads to one hot session in a motel room.

Story title: Never on a Sundae

Synopsis: Delicious delights you’ve dreamed of but Never on a Sundae. He was confident that what he was about to ask for wouldn’t be your average ice cream dream.

Evie doesn’t believe love is forever, so when things get a little too hot with Sydney-sider, Aidan, she disappears to Newcastle and buys an ice-cream parlour, Never on a Sundae. But fate conspires against her when Aidan rides into town on his Harley looking for a unique idea for an ice cream cake for his brother’s bachelor party. Can Aidan melt Evie’s heart?

Author:  Seanna Smythe

Hot under the Collar, a little naughty and a whole lot nice, Seanna Smythe writes 3-chilli-hot romance with heart. Sizzling heroes and playful heroines, each with a story to tell, will take you on the adventure of lifetime with a guaranteed happy ending. Take my hand and walk with me…

Describe the sexiest meal you’ve ever eaten and who with.

Roasted snake over an open fire and the worst toffee-coffee ever with a super-sexy surfer boy.

What food do you think is the sexiest?

Strawberries and chocolate.

What’s your favourite food scene in your story?

When Aidan walks into Never on a Sundae and finds Evie testing out a banana chocolate creation.

Evie! He allowed his gaze an appreciative wander - up from the sneakered feet, over the short frilly pink skirt barely covered by a gingham apron. Definitely no little old lady. This was a girl who could do wicked things with chocolate.

The banana slipped in and out between her lips with a smooth rhythm as chocolate syrup gathered at the corners of that tempting mouth.

“Better than sex!” she declared and licked at the chocolate.

“Then you’re doing it wrong.” Aidan said, deciding it was time she knew he was there.

Story title: The Chocolate Affair

Synopsis: Deanna has one love. The Scheherazade Chocolate Factory. When it’s bought out by an off world consortium, they send someone to inspect their purchase.  JD Ruan is their expert investigator. But JD has a secret. He’s a demon. And not just any kind of demon –a Pleasure Demon.

Secrets, abilities and hidden truths will find their way - especially when chocolate is involved.

Author:  Imogene Nix

Imogene is a mother of two, compulsive reader and bookstore owner. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, 2 daughters, dog, cats and prize winning chooks. She has a particular fondness for Vampires, Star Ship Captains and things that go bump in the night. She is also a firm believer in writing what you enjoy - something she strictly adheres to!

Describe the sexiest meal you’ve ever eaten and who with.

Oh gosh... I don’t think I’m really that sexy.  Umm the only thing I will say is chocolate and with my husband.  *winks*

What food do you think is the sexiest?

I’m not really a traditionalist when it comes to aphrodisiacs. I have to say for me it’s a mix of 4 major ingredients: Strawberries, Cream, Chocolate and good Champagne.

Who is your ideal picnic partner?

Hmm I would have to say my husband.  He isn’t really into chocolates... so they’d all be mine... and he likes champagne like I do... Oh and he wouldn’t turn an eye at all the strawberries...  *phew... it’s getting hot in here*

What’s your favourite food scene in your story?

Ahhh... I could say the lunch scene... but I’d be lying. I think it’s the first chocolate tasting scene.  When she is naming the chocolates and he’s bemused by her reactions.  Yep... that’s the one.

Click here to Buy Edible Delights Volume 2 : US$4.99 @ Secret Cravings Publishing

Click here to Buy Edible Delights Volume 1 : US $5.99 @ Secret Cravings Publishing

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