Thank You 2013: the Year of Wonders

I've coined 2013 as my 'Year of Wonders'. Five works of fiction published. Twelve months away from paid employment in pursuit of my dream job. I'm so fortunate to have had this opportunity and there are a truckload of people I want to thank, not least my readers, so I decided to record a thanks and bye bye video to commemorate what has been a corker of a year. It took me several attempts. The first one was nearly 8 minutes long. I got it down to just under four, then realised I forgot to thank two AMAZING people I couldn't have done without.

Dina my dear friend and designer of my brand images. She is one talented lady and you can contact her viaher website if you're looking for help with design Thank you Dina, love you heaps.

AND my blog mistress Karen whose calm presence on the end of an email has saved me many times from bursting an artery. Thanks Karen.


Happy New Year.


Wish I'd said all that (well, with some name changes). Good on you, Katie girl. Can't think of anyone more deserving of a wondrous year. May 2014 bring equal blessings to you and yours xxx

KateBelle.X's picture

Thanks Kath. Namaste. x

Kate, beautiful message, all the very best in 2014... and can't wait to read the new book, when's it out??

I agreed with myself i should do 2 things different in 2014, being done with this crap and having more and more interesting sex, both have not really worked out so far though >< But your website is a great inspiration however, i'm a lil bit jealous ;)

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