Warning: author on the loose

Release Day - it's like a birthday for books. And I've been like a kid before Christmas for the past few days, unable to sleep for sheer excitement at seeing my baby hit the bookshelves. If my blog supported video, right now you'd be looking at a visual of me in my car saying 'Hi, I'm Kate Belle and today is a very exciting day for me because my first book, The Yearning, hits the bookshelves. What's it like being a debut author on release day? Well, come with me and I'll show you...' - But my blog doesn't support video, so photos will have to do. Come on a journey with me and experience the glamorous life of a debut fiction author...

First stop - Eltham Library, where I'll be doing an author talk at the end of August. Here are the lovely gals of Eltham Library showing off their copy . (Gonna need more than one ladies, but I'll let you work that one out for yourselves).


Second stop, the very, very gorgeous Meera from Eltham Bookshop (who was most embarrassed that I caught her without her trademark red lipstick). Eltham Bookshop is the heart of the literary community in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and that's all because of Meera and her fabulous family. Meera is an active supporter of all our local writers and hosts all manner of events, including The Yearning Book Launch on 26 May. (She was delighted to hear I'd scored red chocolate lips as a special surprise for our event).

Then I was off to Doncaster Shopping Town (no need for moccasins here) to meet the very glorious (although not very well) Brad, Simon & Schuster's Victorian sales rep. We sat in the salubrious surroundings of the Coffee Club topping up on caffeine while I signed a stack of books for Dymocks Doncaster. The one I stuffed up Brad generously gave to a grateful staff member (hope she enjoys it).


More books to sign . . . in the back of Brad's very cool car . . . who said that being an author wasn't totally glitzy and glam!

On the hunt for The Yearning I dropped by to Target . . . (next to Cathryn Hein's Heartland ain't a bad place to be) . . .


and Myer, where I received a very warm welcome. In fact, Kelly got so excited she bought the copy I photographed her with...


...then wandered into Big W where the staff were otherwise engaged...


After all this running around I needed a drink, so I dropped in to the local Dan's, amid a lot of congratulatory  hand-shaking and well-wishes (still had to pay for my champers though - the freebies might come another day).


It's mid-afternoon now and I'm looking for someone to celebrate with. Who better than my number one reader, fan and friend, Emma? She was more than happy to be distracted from her latest rude book to share a glass of bubbles with me.


At this point I'd love to show you my final video, but again it wouldn't load. (And, when I saved it to my computer it was up-side-down, so it's probably just as well you can't see it). Here's the visual - there's a box of Yellowglen champagne, a copy of The Yearning and full glass next to me as I say 'Well, I've had a great day, met some great people and now it's time for some GREAT champagne. Or a box. The Yearning. Don't go home without it.'

Kate Belle x


Have a wonderful release – love your shared journey aroung the city. And yes, I can visualise your video very well, Kate! Cheers.

KateBellex's picture

Thanks Susanne. It was amazing how happy people were for me. Lots of well wishes.

I love your release day! Wow – you must be exhausted, but I’m sure it was exhilarating as well! Congratulations Kate

KateBellex's picture

I was pretty tired last night. And disappointed I couldn’t get my silly videos up. But the bubbles took the edge off that. X

What a fun post. That is SO what release day is like – giggly, even without the bubbles!!

That was really cool, Kate. Wish I’d done that. Looks like you had a ball!!!
And don’t, Heartland and The Yearning look magnificent together!

KateBellex's picture

Don’t they just, Cathryn?? I was stoked to see them placed together!

brilliant post kate. you’re a star

KateBellex's picture

As are you, Sunshine! X

Congratulations! That’s a day worth celebrating!!

KateBellex's picture

It was Kerrie. People were so accommodating. It was lovely.

That was fun Kate. Terrific idea to share it in a blog post. I’ll put May 26th into my calendar for your launch, I’m a North Eastern Melbourne chic. The Eltham bookshop is lovely. Is the launch open to the public? Good luck with your first release. Dora

KateBellex's picture

Hi Dora. Absolutely, the launch is open to anyone. Would love to see you there. Just give Eltham Bookshop a call and they’ll sort you out. I had a blast Wednesday. Complete strangers were so happy for me, it was amazing! x

How exciting, to see your book on the bookshelves! Congratulations.
A birthday is exactly what it’s like, and the ‘pregnancy’ stage takes about as long (if not longer).

KateBellex's picture

Indeed. I’m in the midst of a book pregnancy at the moment and it’s a great analogy. Just as terrifying and exciting and bewildering as a real baby.

Well done Kate. Thanks for sharing... dreams of just such a day.

KateBellex's picture

Thanks Zoe. I wish more authors would share their release days. It's fun.

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