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Journey to Jade: what's in a name?

One thing about writing. You need to keep the product coming. A couple of years ago, while I was waiting on edits for The Yearning, I knew I needed to get my second novel underway. At that time I had about 30,000 untidy words down on a novel titled Saint. This unruly gathering was destined to become Being Jade, but not before it tortured me through several crises, one of them being the names of characters and the title.

Journey to Jade: Evolution

Being Jade, for many reasons, is the most difficult piece of work I’ve ever written. It was a challenge from beginning to end. But it begged to be written, the characters wouldn’t let me be until I had it all down on paper.

In the run up to its release, I thought it might be fun to share some of the ups and downs of my journey with this intriguing story, beginning with the character at its heart – Jade.

The Rich and Famous Author and other Myths

It’s come to my attention there is a myth floating around about writers. Actually, it’s not so much floating as super-glued or nail gunned into people’s minds. Actually, it’s not just one myth but several evil little myths all clumped together to make one big nasty furball of a myth. Or maybe it’s a stereotype. Whatever it is, myth or stereotype, I must take to my soap box and take issue with it.