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In Bed With...Khloe Wren

Welcome to my new In Bed With... series. Once a month (or more often if I can squeeze them in) I will crawl between the metaphorical sheets with another author and share a bit of intimate pillow talk about writing, first kisses and lovers. Please let me know what you think. So – let’s enter the boudoir.

The curtains are drawn, the candles lit and slow saxophone plays in the background. The cushions are plumped and the velvet cover is pulled back to reveal someone under black satin sheets. Snuggle up because today we are in bed with Khloe Wren, author of Cinderella’s Guardian.

Winner: Romance My Way blog hop

Thank you to all who participated in the Scorching Book Reviews Romance My Way blog hop. It's been loads of fun sharing our favourite man dreams and romance tropes. So great to see such diversity of taste.

The winner of a digital copy of The Yearning is - STACEY PRICE!!!

Congratulations Stacey, I hope you really enjoy your prize. And good luck to others who entered here, I hope you pick up one of the other fantastic prizes available through Romance...My Way.

My Writing Process blog chain: writers reveal their processes

Like a stage show, much goes on behind the scenes when writing a book. (Panic. Then there's doubt, fear and more panic. And coffee.) Jennifer Scoullar, my good friend and fellow Little Lonsdale Writers Group member, has tagged me in this fascinating blog chain where writers reveal their behind the scenes processes.  

And  like a theater production, is it all smoke and mirrors? Maybe...