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December Giveaway

The Mixed Lollies pre-Christmas blog hop continues until 23 Decmber.

For your chance to win a digital copy of The Yearning simply comment on one of my blog posts before 23 December.

One comment per blog post = one entry.

Winner must be contactable by valid email address. Winner will be announced on 23 December.

Mixed Lollies #1

Remember strolling barefoot into the local milk bar as a kid with twenty cents in your hand, ready to make a selection of your favourite sweets. Remember how your mouth watered with anticipation that grew in the long minutes you gazed through the glass trying to make a decision – sherbet bombs, musk sticks, raspberries, licorice allsorts, milk bottles, love hearts, jubes, boiled lollies, barley sugar, chocolate drops.

The Birds and the Bees

Do you recall how you were told about the ‘birds and bees’? I have a vague memory of a book my mother gave me when I was about six. I must have been asking questions because she was pregnant with my youngest brother at the time. It had paper cut out pictures of a rooster and a hen, 2 rabbits and a very happy mummy and daddy standing naked holding hands, then cuddling under the covers in bed.