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It's sex, not smut

Whenever someone asks my beloved 'So, what does she write?', he invariably responds, 'Smut. Filth.' Then giggles like a stoopid school boy.


One of the things an out erotic fiction writer (and there are plenty of them still in the closet, believe me) must face are the inevitable 'Wink, wink, nudge, nudge's' and leery 'So THAT'S what you get up to in your bedroom?'s' and 'What are you researching this weekend?'s'. And while I smile and laugh and play along, to be honest I find the whole charade a teensy bit tiresome.

Declarations under anaesthetic: coming out as an erotic fiction writer #1

‘So, what do you write?’

I’m gazing up into the vivid blue eyes of my very handsome anaethetist. It’s 24 September 2012, I’m about to have my knee reconstructed, and yesterday I finished my second draft of Bloom. And I’m really not sure what to say.

‘Ummm. . . sexy stuff.’

The anaethestist’s assistant stands on the other side of the bed smirking. (What do aneasthetists assistants do? Get paid a lot for standing around looking reassuring? Must get me one of those jobs). The anaesthetist’s glorious eyes widen. I think I might be falling in love.

Eat Me

Sorry, I'm not being literal. I have a reason for being so salacious. My very sexy (verging on pornographic) story titled 'Banquet' will be published alongside four other sexy, savvy authors in Secret Cravings 'Edible Delights Anthology Vol 2'.

Release day celebration

I'm reblogging this not because I'm lazy (although that is one of my failings). I'm reblogging because today is my official debut as an author and my first official appearance as an author will be at the very exciting Australian Romance Readers Conference in Brisbane in March - so I couldn't say it any better than it's said here. And there'll be plenty of new stuff in all the Pillow Talk blog posts as I travel around cyber-land getting to know new readers.

The Tease: Part 2

On January 4 I posted the beginning of this extract from Breaking the Rules. I love this scene so much I thought today I’d give you just a little bit more of Ramon’s seduction of Grace. I love the way he approaches her slowly, careful not to startle, binding her in an aura of sensuality, hypnotising her. She’s trying so hard to resist him, to let her prudishness control the situation, but she is helpless.


Announcing: Pillow Talk with Kate Belle

I’ve always loved the cosiness of a post-coital chat. There’s something eternally satisfying about the relaxed intimacy of sharing a pillow and some sweet secrets with your beloved after you’ve given the bed a good shake and woken the neighbours.

So, what better way to celebrate the release of Breaking the Rules and Bloom than ‘sleeping around’ on a few blogs and having a metaphorical pillow chat with a few fellow authors, readers and readers-to-be?

A celebration of the G

There are many great G's in life. 'The G' - a fond reference to the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground - and the G-spot - another fond reference to a highly sought after (and some would say imaginary) party spot in a woman's body - but today I want to celebrate a not so talked about G - the humble G-string.

Ramon the Tease: Part 1

The countdown is on. Only 26 days until Ramon Mendez is released into the world via Breaking the Rules and Bloom. I, for one, am looking forward to unleashing this vivid lover upon my readers, and watching what happens once he's out in public.

Ramon and I have an - interesting - relationship. I absolutely adore him. He's so cheeky I can't help but shake my head as his exploits pour through my fingers onto the empty page. I watch with wonder as he seduces the women in my stories, and with each seduction, realise that he is also seducing me, his creator.