Ramon the Tease: Part 1

The countdown is on. Only 26 days until Ramon Mendez is released into the world via Breaking the Rules and Bloom. I, for one, am looking forward to unleashing this vivid lover upon my readers, and watching what happens once he's out in public.

Ramon and I have an - interesting - relationship. I absolutely adore him. He's so cheeky I can't help but shake my head as his exploits pour through my fingers onto the empty page. I watch with wonder as he seduces the women in my stories, and with each seduction, realise that he is also seducing me, his creator.

Ramon has eyes that will melt you from 10 paces, and a smile that promises untold pleasures. He enjoys seduction almost as much as the act of making love itself, and I love to observe the way he gently wears the resistance of his chosen lovers away, like waves eroding a shoreline.

To celebrate the emergence of this wonderful, imaginary lover, I will be sharing some of my favourite excerpts from Breaking the Rules and Bloom both on my blog and on my Facebook author page. The excerpt below is the beginning of the scene around which the story of Breaking the Rules was built. It came to me first, and I wrote the first draft in an enormous rush. Once it was down, I was free to write the rest of the story. The scene defines Ramon's Don Juan style skill and confidence as he breaks through Grace's fortress of defences. Please enjoy...

From 'Breaking the Rules' out January 30, 2013 (see my fiction page for buy links).

'I have something for you.'

His voice was husky, filled with heat. Grace laughed. it came out too loud and echoed off the walls of her office.

'Really? What could you have that I could possibly want, Mr Mendez?'

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a hand disappear into his pocket. When she turned to face him he was standing with a tiny scrap of lace and satin dangling from his forefinger. Grace clutched at her throat. Was that a g-string? She felt blood rushing to her face. She feigned outrage.

'And what do you expect me to do with that?' She couldn't stop the shrillness in her voice.

Ramon moved languidly toward her, his eyes never leaving her face. Grace didn't know where to look. She shifted to sit on the corner of her desk and folded her arms over her chest. Ward him off. Breathe deep, take control, force the uncertainty away. One step away from her he halted. He folded the creamy satin underwear into his hand.

'Wear it,' he breathed.


Hot hot hot…

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Yep. Sizzling.

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