Beat the Bah Humbug! 9 Ways to Feel Good at Christmas

I’m so tired of the Christmas clichés, aren’t you? In reality, for many, December is damned stressful, brimming with high expectations, exhaustion and disappointment. The festive season is supposed to be about pleasure, but we’re often so worried about getting it right or making sure we meet everyone’s needs, we forget to really enjoy it.

Santa’s Little Helper (complete with cute short skirt and glittery santa hat - yes that's me!) to the rescue. Below is a list of simple, feel-good idea’s you can share with others, or do for yourself, as a way of saying ‘I cherish’. Pleasure and happiness, however small, are only a tiny moment away.

In the next week, while you’re celebrating with friends or family, or when you’re taking time out for yourself, try doing just one thing on this list, and watch what a difference it makes. Pleasure is all around us all the time, all we need to do is pause for a moment and drink it in.

  1. Leave a love note in a pocket. Surprise someone with a secret declaration of love, be it sweet or erotic or funny. If you can’t find a pocket, leave it on a pillow or in their bag, lunchbox or wallet.
  2. Wear your best underwear. You know, the expensive ones with good quality elastic and pretty lace. Wear them on an ordinary day and enjoy the sensation of feeling sexy under your clothes.
  3. Perform a random act of kindness. If you see someone struggling with a laden supermarket trolley in a carpark, offer to help. Buy a coffee for the person standing behind you at the cafe. Stop and listen to the Salvo’s band play three Christmas carols then give them five bucks. Drop a coin into a homeless persons hand or offer to buy them lunch. Spread the love.
  4. Fresh sheets and perfume. Put fresh sheets on your bed. Have a luxurious shower or bath. Then go to bed wearing nothing but a few drops of your favourite scent.
  5. Bring Bring! Is there someone you haven’t made time for this year? Leave the dishes in the sink and call them. Ask them how their year has been. Listen. Don’t rush away.
  6. Exercise good grace. In those frantic, crowded aisles of the supermarkets and mega-stores people are forgetting to treat each other with respect. Shop as if you know everyone around you well, and treat them with the respect and good grace you expect from them.
  7. Breathe and appreciate. Walking? Pause to smell a rose. REALLY smell it. It’s gorgeous and will fill your body with romantic notions. Take a moment to smell something you love – fresh bread, coffee, chocolate.
  8. Savour. These are the days of over-indulgence and our senses can get overloaded. With so much delicious food around there is a tendency to gorge. Pick out something you love and close your eyes while you eat it. Feed someone you love with fresh raspberries or juicy cherries. Watch the juices dribble down their chin – then lick it off.

And my personal favourite...

Smile with your eyes. Give someone you love a genuine smile, full of warmth. Let it spread across your face, up into your eyes, then let it spill out into the air around you until it touches the person you’re looking at.

Now, print off this list and promise yourself you will do one of these things every month during 2013.

sexy_santa3Have a wonderful and very safe festive season. May you and your family and friends enjoy the pleasure and happiness of each other’s company over Christmas and beyond.

Best wishes

Kate x

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