The testimonials for Kate’s popular writing workshops below speak for themselves.

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Eros in Action: writing convincing sex - 1 day workshop

Writing sex convincingly isn’t easy. Writers face a number of personal and craft challenges if they are to bring together the right elements to make a sexual scene work. Participants in this day workshop (or series of workshops) will discover the spirit of Eros, the four elements of a good sex scene and uncover the secret to incorporating sex appropriately into a narrative.

Praise for Eros in Action

“Sensational class. Very informative and practical. Keep bringing Kate Belle back. I felt inspired to keep writing and seek publication.”

“Good overarching view of Erotic Writing – very practical, clear, wide-ranging, lots of notes.”

“Thank you for a fantastic course today. I came away with some very practical methods to apply to the piece I wrote.”

Romancing the Page

Aside from being a strong genre on its own, romance is an intrinsic part in many books of almost every genre. This course explores the diversity and breadth of romance as a genre, its tropes, styles, and reader and publisher expectations. Participants learn the art of story and the basics of writing craft, then build a solid foundation for the plot of their romantic story with fully rounded characters engaged in believable conflict.

Praise for Romancing the Page

“Kate was one of the best, if not the best workshop leader, I have experienced. She was focused, knowledgeable and organised. She managed to impart heaps of information as well as listening to the workshop attendees.”    

“Thorough, practical, encouraging and inspiring sessions. “

“One of the best courses I have ever done.”