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Wednesday, 17th June, 2015
To celebrate the anniversary of the release of Being Jade, and my upcoming writers panels - F Word: Romance @ The Wheeler Centre and Risky Fictions @ Bendigo Writers Festival - I thought I'd republish a Q&A I did for The Hoopla. Some good meaty bits to chew on here - including all the big ticket items - love, truth, infidelity and intimacy. Oh, and art!
Friday, 4th July, 2014
Launching a book is a bit like christening a baby. It’s a welcome to the world, a blessing, a celebration, an expression of gratitude from the author to the community of people who supported the birth of the book. I am told by my many author friends that a launch is as essential to the release of a new book as a family gathering is essential to the welcoming of a new family member.
Friday, 13th June, 2014
Move over T-Rex teasers and Big Foot boners - Cari Silverwood is in town with a whole new take on doing it with demonic non-human creatures. If there is such a thing as quality monster porn, this is it!
Wednesday, 21st May, 2014
To celebrate the upcoming release of Being Jade, I'm talking each week about how the novel came together and the challenges I faced in writing it. This week, my first of many crises: character names and the original title of the novel, Saint.
Wednesday, 7th May, 2014
It’s come to my attention there is a myth floating around about writers. Actually, it’s not so much floating as super-glued or nail gunned into people’s minds. But with a little honesty and algebra, I think we might have sorted. So you think I'm rich and famous? Here's the truth...
Monday, 30th December, 2013
How did we get here? The end of 2013! What a year. I've got a special message for all you wonderful folk before we goose step into 2014.
Monday, 23rd December, 2013
Sometimes reading sexy novels can be tiring, all that huff and puff over and over again with the same characters, which is why I’m a bit of a fan of the short story anthology. Little Raven 2 anthology is an impressive and diverse collection showcasing some great new talent.
Thursday, 19th December, 2013
The blog fun continues with a GIVEAWAY!! Comment on a Kate Belle blog post before December 23 and go into the drawer to win a digital copy of The Yearning.
Thursday, 28th November, 2013
Voyeurism, bestiality, incest. Not standard fare for most of us when it comes to erotic fiction. These are the themes in each of the three linked erotic stories in Krissy Kneen’s Triptych: an erotic adventure. Don't forget your sense of humour!