blog hop

Thursday, 19th December, 2013
The blog fun continues with a GIVEAWAY!! Comment on a Kate Belle blog post before December 23 and go into the drawer to win a digital copy of The Yearning.
Wednesday, 30th October, 2013
Welcome to my milk bar. Remember strolling barefoot into the local milk bar as a kid with twenty cents in your hand, ready to make a selection of your favourite sweets. This week, instead of delivering you a pre-made dessert a la mode, I’m offering the blogging equivalent of a bag of mixed lollies.
Monday, 14th January, 2013
I’ve always loved the cosiness of a post-coital chat. There’s something eternally satisfying about the relaxed intimacy of sharing a pillow and some sweet secrets with your beloved after you’ve given the bed a good shake and woken the neighbours.