book review

Tuesday, 28th October, 2014
Torre DeRoche is one enviable success story. Her road to publishing, like her love story, is riddled with risk taking, which is saying something for someone who's a self confessed worry-monger. I adored this book because of Torre's light-hearted honesty and because she taught this embattled warrior of relationships a thing or two about love.
Wednesday, 8th October, 2014
I’ve arrived late to this party - which isn’t uncommon for me, I feel like I’m always playing catch up on the books everybody else read ages ago – but now I’m here I have to declare, in spite of the ranty historical pedants, what a terrific book Untamed is.
Tuesday, 29th July, 2014
Being Jade, my second novel, has been out for 2 months and the reviews are nothing short of stunning. I'm still pinching myself that Being Jade has been so well received. Even people who hate it are giving it a good rating because it made them feel so much, which is, I believe, what a good book should do.
Wednesday, 16th July, 2014
Stories are powerful. They change people. If told at the right time to the right audience, they can change the course of history. It’s time to for us to stop believing our superstitious fairy tales about who and what women can be. We need books like this to be written by people like Tara Moss. Why? Because her mass market celebrity appeal means her message might reach the very people who need to hear it.
Friday, 13th June, 2014
Move over T-Rex teasers and Big Foot boners - Cari Silverwood is in town with a whole new take on doing it with demonic non-human creatures. If there is such a thing as quality monster porn, this is it!
Thursday, 10th April, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this collection of raw and honest personal memoirs about infidelity and adultery. By the time I'd finished the book I understood that, without exception, the story of infidelity/adultery is one of growth and self discovery.
Tuesday, 1st April, 2014
I have so many mixed feelings about this book I hardly know where to start on this review.
Tuesday, 11th March, 2014
Gemmell’s grasp of poetic language is delicious and it’s what makes her work a ‘weak at the knees’ read for me. I Take You is a love story dripping with eroticism and a romance with a happy ever after ending that is at once believable and satisfying.
Wednesday, 8th January, 2014
‘Time is too short and good books too many to waste time reading books you don’t enjoy.’ – Andrea Goldsmith. The way I read has changed since becoming a writer.
Monday, 23rd December, 2013
Sometimes reading sexy novels can be tiring, all that huff and puff over and over again with the same characters, which is why I’m a bit of a fan of the short story anthology. Little Raven 2 anthology is an impressive and diverse collection showcasing some great new talent.
Tuesday, 17th December, 2013
My top reads for 2013, a year of reading Australian women writers and stretching my usual boundaries. If only someone can teach me to read faster!
Thursday, 28th November, 2013
Voyeurism, bestiality, incest. Not standard fare for most of us when it comes to erotic fiction. These are the themes in each of the three linked erotic stories in Krissy Kneen’s Triptych: an erotic adventure. Don't forget your sense of humour!
Wednesday, 17th July, 2013
Most of us prefer not to look at dark things. But sometimes we must, in the interests of wisdom and justice. I didn’t know what to expect when an advance reading copy of the novel Tampa by American author Alissa Nutting arrived on my desk. I hadn’t heard anything about it and, in hindsight, I’m glad. I wouldn’t want to have read this book with preconceptions.
Thursday, 27th June, 2013
I was recently very fortunate to be invited by Simon & Schuster to travel to Sydney for a couple of awesome reasons. The first was to meet with a group of readers and do a live book club discussion of The Yearning, which was just wonderful.
Thursday, 30th May, 2013
New Adult is a relatively new genre, a bastard love child of a ménage between Young Adult, Romance and Erotic fiction. It features predominantly attractive 17+yo characters in college (university for Aussies) and are just starting to find their way in the adult world.
Friday, 19th April, 2013
I found this a tough and compelling read, and I'm still grappling with mixed feelings about it. Not Your Ordinary Housewife is a gruelling, and funny, and shocking, and, at its heart, a tragic love story. Nikki was once one of Australia's foremost porn queen's, loved and revered by thousands of men who wrote her intimate letters, swooned over her raunchy photos and videos, and masturbated endlessly to the fragrance of her used underwear.
Thursday, 4th April, 2013
The last time I read historical romance I was in my teen's. Trust me, that was a damned long time ago. I had glandular fever at the time and devoured Jane Austin and Georgette Heyer with a gusto saved only for the confined and the restless. My time of historical romance over indulgence had a similar effect on me to that of my first massive drinking session involving Tequila - too much of a good thing can leave one with a hangover that lasts a lifetime.
Thursday, 13th December, 2012
To be honest I was dubious about reading this book, having never delved into the kinky world of BDSM before (other than the prerequisite 50 Shades, which - in truth - hardly rates worthy). By the time I'd hit the fourth chapter I was very pleasantly surprised and eager to return each time I had to put it down.