Kate Belle

Wednesday, 17th June, 2015
To celebrate the anniversary of the release of Being Jade, and my upcoming writers panels - F Word: Romance @ The Wheeler Centre and Risky Fictions @ Bendigo Writers Festival - I thought I'd republish a Q&A I did for The Hoopla. Some good meaty bits to chew on here - including all the big ticket items - love, truth, infidelity and intimacy. Oh, and art!
Wednesday, 15th April, 2015
Never let it be said I don’t know my place. By my sheer misfortune of being born with a vagina, I know I should just shut the hell up and not post this hysterical, bitchy rant about Jim Jefferies and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I should just take Jefferies misogynist jokes on the chin – like a nice submissive Eve. But fuck you, Jim Jefferies and MICF. I’m not Eve, and you just started a fight you won’t win.
Monday, 2nd February, 2015
I had the very great privilege to attend the closing Chiron Centre Conference a couple of weekends ago. Chiron Centre? What the? Trust me. It’s special. This is why.
Wednesday, 24th December, 2014
If you're stressed and tired and too wound to sleep, count your blessings. You have many of them.
Wednesday, 11th September, 2013
For the past six months I’ve been working behind the scenes to make this website more reader friendly. I’ve made a few small changes to the look and feel of the site, as well as some improvements to content.