writer's journey

Thursday, 19th February, 2015
In spite of my recent discovery that social media is fairly pointless, I joined Instagram this week. ...whyilovemelbourne...(in case you’d like to join me.) Am I wasting my time? Life is busy enough, without having to post about it all the time. How do you feel about social media?
Monday, 2nd February, 2015
I had the very great privilege to attend the closing Chiron Centre Conference a couple of weekends ago. Chiron Centre? What the? Trust me. It’s special. This is why.
Wednesday, 12th November, 2014
Every now and then something or someone stumbles across our path that changes us. At the time it feels like an accident, a random act of the universe. Looking back on these moments with hindsight, however, they begin to look more like destiny.
Wednesday, 15th October, 2014
Does anyone else feel like the world is full of nasty joy sucking Dementors right now? Negativity and fear are contagious and in these days its at pandemic proportions. It would be nice to ignore, but we all know if you stick your head in the sand the end result is you’ll get your arse kicked. As an antidote, I'm following the advice of Professor Lupin and been eating a lot of chocolate. What do you do when faced with Dementors on every side?
Thursday, 26th June, 2014
The final hurdle for my babe in arms manuscript (aside from the last round of edits, the acknowledgements, the promo plan and the cover) was the title. I sensed my original title Saint wasn’t quite right for the story but I was at a loss to come up with an alternative.
Wednesday, 11th June, 2014
Part 5 of my Journey to Jade series is all about light bulb moments - the 'Eureka' of solving a gnarly problem in the plot and the 'You want me to do WHAT?' of the editing process.
Wednesday, 4th June, 2014
In the fourth of my Journey to Jade series I talk about courage, the power of writers groups and the power of story. Last week I explained how I jumped a big mental hurdle thanks to a bit of art therapy. While this got me writing again, I was still up against a complex plot with some gnarly character problems that needed sorting out. And I was still being dogged by those nasty spooks, Doubt and Fear.
Wednesday, 28th May, 2014
With 'Saint' contracted and a deadline looming, I now had no choice but to keep writing. But... Banjo was dead. Jade was comatose. And I had no idea who Lissy was. Or why I’d chosen to write this particular story. The bar I'd set for myself seemed insurmountable. I felt like I was on a one way path to literary oblivion. Then art therapy arrived...
Wednesday, 21st May, 2014
To celebrate the upcoming release of Being Jade, I'm talking each week about how the novel came together and the challenges I faced in writing it. This week, my first of many crises: character names and the original title of the novel, Saint.
Wednesday, 7th May, 2014
It’s come to my attention there is a myth floating around about writers. Actually, it’s not so much floating as super-glued or nail gunned into people’s minds. But with a little honesty and algebra, I think we might have sorted. So you think I'm rich and famous? Here's the truth...
Monday, 30th December, 2013
How did we get here? The end of 2013! What a year. I've got a special message for all you wonderful folk before we goose step into 2014.
Wednesday, 30th October, 2013
Welcome to my milk bar. Remember strolling barefoot into the local milk bar as a kid with twenty cents in your hand, ready to make a selection of your favourite sweets. This week, instead of delivering you a pre-made dessert a la mode, I’m offering the blogging equivalent of a bag of mixed lollies.
Wednesday, 3rd July, 2013
Unless you've been hiding under a rock you probably heard the story about the US couple who saved their home by self publishing erotic stories on internet? Or about how Natasha Walker, author of The Secret Lives of Emma, is a guy not a gal?
Thursday, 27th June, 2013
I was recently very fortunate to be invited by Simon & Schuster to travel to Sydney for a couple of awesome reasons. The first was to meet with a group of readers and do a live book club discussion of The Yearning, which was just wonderful.
Wednesday, 19th June, 2013
A lot of people poo-poo erotic romance, and romance in general, as fluffy rubbish, and in some cases they’d be right. However, as a generalisation it’s deeply wrong to make the assumption that all romance and erotic fiction is just about sexy titillation that involves little intelligence to read and less talent to write.
Wednesday, 12th June, 2013
About a month ago I ‘came out’ as a debut author at my very first spoken word event. The Wheeler Centre (God bless their enthusiasm for the written word) invited me to be part of their monthly ‘Debut Monday’ for May.
Wednesday, 22nd May, 2013
While I’m on questions I consistently get asked (see Virginity and other disappointments), there is another fairly personal In the bedroom question that keeps raising its nosey head. It’s a question that no one would dare ask under usual circumstances (unless they were a very close friend or really drunk or both).
Friday, 10th May, 2013
Imagine this. You are talking to someone who is an acquaintance and, after listening to a short synopsis about your new book, they lean in close to your ear and whisper – ‘So, is that how you lost your virginity?’
Thursday, 21st March, 2013
I recently raised a question to erotic fiction authors on a panel at the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Brisbane. Do you choose to be ‘out’ as an erotic fiction writer and if not, why? The responses were varied and fascinating.
Thursday, 14th March, 2013
Whenever someone asks my beloved 'So, what does she write?', he invariably responds, 'Smut. Filth.' Then giggles like a stoopid school boy. Sigh. One of the things an out erotic fiction writer (and there are plenty of them still in the closet, believe me) must face are the inevitable 'Wink, wink, nudge, nudge's' ...